A four week trip to Humboldt County, Iowa by covered wagon in 1898. Woulda loved to hear more about that.

These are my great-great grandparents. Their anniversary made the front page of the local newspaper in Iowa where they lived for nine years, The Humboldt Republican. It was August 6, 1937, a Friday.


THE GOODELLS, WHO FARMED HERE, HAD 50TH ANNIVERSARY The golden wedding anniversary was celebrated recently by Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Goodell, former residents of Humboldt county. The Goodells now reside in Bradley, South Dakota. They were married July 18, 1887, at Inca, (Iuka) Pratt county, Kansas, and for several years afterward lived on a farm near there. They made a four weeks trip to Humboldt county by covered wagon in 1898, and remained in the county nine years. The following ten years they farmed in Clark county, South Dakota, and finally moved to their present home in Bradley. They have three children, Bert W, Goodell and Mrs. W. O. Wesenberg of Bradley, and Mrs. Ray Gates of Aberdeen, South Dakota. There are ten grandchildren and one great grandson. Allen Ellis Gates ot Washington, D. C., the great grandson, was baptized at the golden wedding celebration. The Rev. F. C. Page of Faulkton, performed the wedding ceremony for each ot the children, and repeated the marriage vows of fifty years ago for Mr. and Mrs. Goodell. Relatives enjoyed a picnic dinner at noon on the lawn of the celebrants home. Open house was held there from four to six p. m. that day.


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