“I don’t think people do trust the Democrats.” — Michael Moore

“They love the idea of blowing up the system.”

Lefty provocateur Michael Moore was a guest on NBC’s Meet The Press this past Sunday. He recognizes that most folks just don’t trust Democrats any more.

CHUCK TODD: Clearly, Democrats let them down, right? I mean, is that the issue here, and she’s just another Democrat, and they don’t trust them anymore?

MICHAEL MOORE: I don’t think people do trust the Democrats. How else could a socialist win 22 states? I mean, in my state of Michigan, Bernie Sanders won.If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had a difficult time with him, that should have been the red flag to everybody, that there is a mood out there where people are upset at the Democrats and the Republicans. What has to happen here, though, like with the Brexit vote in England, is that people where I’m from have to understand that why they may not like Hillary that much or she may be a bitter pill to swallow or whatever, you better take your medicine because the opposite is going to be much, much worse.


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