Some Radde Kids

Here’s the latest, what cousin Jannik has sent me. It’s a listing of my great-great grandmother’s siblings, the children of Michael Radde and Eva Milczewski, or Milczefsky, as he spells it. I tend to think that Jannik’s is the correct one.

Caroline Radde, my grandpa’s grandmother, died after 1885, he says. Her sister, Wilhelmine Charlotte Radde, and her husband, Karl August David, left Borntuchen in 1890. I doubt Caroline ever left. It’s just a feeling, a hunch, my intuition.

If Caroline and her husband Carl Fromke stayed in Borntuchen, there has to be a civil record of her death in the civil registry archive of Borntuchen, according to Jannik.

If they moved to a town, like Stettin, for example, then there should be a record of her death in the archives of the town. But I don’t know where she’s buried, so we will have to do some digging.

Source for her birth date is the KB of Borntuchen, there I found all children of Michael and Eva: 

  1. *09.02.1825: Johanne Charlotte RADDE (their oldest daughter, I know nothing about her…)
  2. *15.11.1827: Carl Christian RADDE (married Johanna ONASCH (*1834-✝1877), they had 10 children, but it seems that no child got older than 7 years, Carl died in 1882)
  3. *22.01.1830: Caroline Charlotte RADDE (your great-great-grandmother)
  4. *02.04.1832: Dorothea Friederieke RADDE (married August Friedrich BORKOWSKY and died in 1873..)
  5. *01.10.1834: Friedrich Wilhelm RADDE (…found nothing yet)
  6. *08.03.1837: Eva Maria RADDE (died 13 Apr. 1842)
  7. *30.11.1839: Wilhelmine Charlotte RADDE (my great-great-great-grandmother, married Karl August DAVID und had 4 children, moved with her family to Stettin in 1890, where she died in 1911)
  8. *02.08.1843: Ferdinand August RADDE (died 03 Jan. 1847)
  9. *08.10.1845: Johann Ludwig RADDE (…no information)



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