A Crucial Flaw in Amazon’s Kindle Fire: December 31, 1969

So what does 1969 have to do with Amazon and its Kindle Fire tablet? Well, December 31, 1969 is considered the day before the birth of the modern computing era, the launch of the operating system known as Unix. It is used as a marker in modern devices. And it can be quite annoying.

For example, my Kindle Fire often reverts to it. So, instead of Thursday, October 27, 2016, 8:01 PM, it is now 10:26 PM and Wednesday, December 31, 1969. The Kindle Fire is set to manage the date and time through a connected network. But it will not connect to many wireless networks without the correct time and date.

So I am stuck in a chicken-or-the-egg limbo hell until I can find an unprotected network that does not redirect to a log on page. The time and date are determined automatically using the Internet, but I cannot connect without a correct date and time.

This has happened a few times. It’s a pain in the ass and a serious design flaw. Why it reverts to 1969 is beyond me. Why not reset to 1989? Or 2009? I don’t get it. And what does the Kindle Fire have to do with the Unix? And will the smarties at Amazon develop a work around?




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