Grandpa’s Missing Siblings

The pastor of the church where my great grandparents, Albert and Augusta Fromke, were members, part of what’s known as WELS, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, is on Facebook and kindly offered to lookup information on the family a few weeks ago. I wasn’t familiar with how he sent the material, so it’s be lurking there on Facebook unknown to me until today.

I’ve been on the hunt for two children, Emil and Ottilie, who were born in Germany, but immigrated with Ma & Pa Fromke in 1887. Their stories are still a mystery. But I will stay with it.

Here is some of what he found and sent me on four children unknown to me:

Wilhelm Carl Albert Fromke, born 7 June 1898, died 17 November 1900, Age: 2 years, 5 Months, 17 days.

Gustav Arthur Fromke, born 9 November 1901, died 19 November 1901, Age: Ten days. (Indiscernible text? I will send photo.)

Adolph Ernst Fromke born 7 May 1903 died 24 May 1903, Age: 17 days (Same words that I cannot decipher.)

Herta Ella Meta Fromke, born 6 October 1904, died 22 October 1904. (Also indiscernible to me, other than “Albert Fromke”. But I never studied German.)

I will be posting the images and more research he sent when I get a chance.



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