Everyone’s a Nazi sympathizer these days.

From Gavin McInnes to Steve Bannon, conservatives have been accused of being “Alt-Right” and connected with white supremacists.

Of course, some of this is self-inflicted, particularly with Gavin, who has been commentating during and after a recent trip to Israel. Despite some sloppy commentary, Gavin is obviously not a rabid Jew-hating Nazi or anything close to that.

Bannon has been accused of liking a French intellectual who was a collaborator with the Vichy government during the Nazi occupation of France. He is sheltered within the White House and, when he’s not, protected by a security detail. So, though he can not put his foot into his mouth, he also does not have the ready opportunity to respond to the vicious, libelous attacks on him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brit BBC favorite Stephen Fry is targeted for being a big fan of Richard Wagner, who penned an anti-semitic essay and was venerated by Hitler. Fry even made a documentary about it.



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