Leprechaun Lore


Storyteller and ‘leprechaun expert’ Hal Pratt entertains the audience with tales of little people during the Leprechaun Lore event Saturday, March 18 at the Dietrich Theater.

TUNKHANNOCK — An indistinguishable flash of green from behind a tree.

The mysterious “tap, tap, tap” of a hammer off in the distance.

A tiny tobacco pipe left behind under a thorn bush.

These are all signs that leprechauns may be nearby, according to Storyteller Hal Pratt, who shared his expertise with a captive audience of young and old alike Saturday, March 18 at the Dietrich Theater. During the presentation, titled “Leprechaun Lore,” Pratt used stories, music and more to reveal what the little people look like, how and where to find them, how to catch them and how to keep from being outsmarted by one.

He left the question of leprechauns’ existence up to the audience members, but pointed out those who do not believe will certainly never catch one or get his gold.

And speaking of gold, there was a piece of chocolate shaped like a golden coin for each audience member at the close of the event.

One youngster, in anticipation of the candy, exclaimed, “Now, this is true treasure.”


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