Iconic. Bravery. Friendship. Touching.

AF26108 Townsend

I have been looking through some imagery created by the talented artists of the AEF, the American Expeditionary Forces, during the nastiness that was the First World War, and I came across this one, a new favorite, of a soldier carrying his wounded buddy. A sketch by Harry Everett Townsend using charcoal on paper, it hangs in the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum.


2 thoughts on “Iconic. Bravery. Friendship. Touching.”

  1. Hi, Aaron. I just bumped into your notebook and thought I would leave a comment. I share your interest in the 168th Regiment, and I also noted your older post about the great bicycle ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI.) My husband and I have done that ride a few times.

    This year, however, we were inspired to take our bicycles to France to learn about the battles at Chateau-Thierry. I had a cousin from Washington, IA, who fought and was injured there.

    We visited the very poignant memorial to the 42nd Division and can recommend it to others. This is beautiful countryside. There is much to be seen and learned. The House of Franco-American Friendship in Chateau-Thierry is a good start for information. We will definitely be making another trip to this region.

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