Into the Hands of the Conspirators & the Betrayers — the Politicians & the Bureaucrats

Playwright Eugene O’Neill, adored by many, including actor Jason Robards, wrote the following to his son in a letter six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

I don’t think it has ever been more applicable than today.

“It is like acid
always burning
in my brain
that the stupid
butchering of the last war
taught men nothing at all,
that they sank back
on the warm manure pile
of the dead and went to sleep,
indifferently bestowing custody
of their future,
their fate,
into the hands of state departments,
whose members are trained
to be conspirators,
card sharps,
and secret betrayers of their own people;
into the hands of the greedy capitalist ruling classes
so stupid they could not even see when their own greed began devouring itself;
in the hands of that most debased type of pimp,
the politician,
and that most craven of all lice and job worshippers,
the bureaucrats.”

Note that the line breaks are mine and not original to the letter.


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