Warlike? Hmm.

This name, Martin, has been passed down for generations. It began as a surname, which then became a first name, what they used to call the Christian name back in the day.

It all started with Olive Martin. She married a man named John Tidd. She gave birth to a baby boy around 1739, probably in the British colony of New Jersey. The couple named him Martin, Martin Tidd. Little Martin became the patriarch of a large family, most of whom spread across the state of Ohio.

One of Martin’s daughter’s married James Hill, and she passed on the name to one of her sons, Martin Hill, grandson of Martin Tidd.

Martin had a son named Henry who then named one of his sons George Martin Hill.

George Martin Hill continued the tradition, naming one of his three sons Charles Martin Hill.

Charles was the father of my grandfather, Ray Hill. Charles married a woman named Maeola Conner and she bore a son who was christened as Charles Martin Hill, Jr. He was known as Chick Hill.

As far as I know the naming tradition ended with Jr. He was the last Hill descendant to bear the name Martin.

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