Hey, Liberty Orchards, why not hire Americans?

There are reasons why Americans don’t want want to work in certain industries. Companies like cheap, imported labor, abusing the workers and the system.

This includes Liberty Orchards, maker of assorted candies, in Cashmere, Washington. Crosscut, an online media venture based in Seattle, recently produced a story on the company focusing on its workers.

Conditions are not ideal.

“…working 12 or more hours per day, starting as early as 4 a.m., six or seven days per weeks.”

What person who isn’t desperate wants to work such long hours every day of the week?

These factory employees share their bedrooms, bunking four to a room. That may be acceptable to migrants, but it isn’t to most Americans.

It’s nice not having to pay rent, and to entice migrant labor while keeping costs to a minimum, the business provides the dormitory-style housing, which was built with taxpayer money. But why aren’t they trying to attract unemployed Americans?

Meanwhile, while Liberty Orchards provides free housing to it’s hardworking, imported factory employees, the town is experiencing a housing crisis.


NPR did a similar puff piece in March.

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