Since 1989, I’ve been hunting for this information. Thankfully, I’m not the only one.

One of my incidental Google searches came up with some wonderful results the other day. Fellow genealogists has been tracking my family. They are probably cousins.

They have uploaded details, information lost through the generations, to a genealogy site, I’m not familiar with it. I tweeted about my find at the time.

I’ve been hunting for more on my great-great grandfather, Carl Fromke, since I first learned his name while compiling the family tree after talking with my parents and looking at notes made by my late maternal grandmother.

A man named Dale Nelson has an interest in him too. He lists Carl’s birth year as about 1831 and his birthplace as Klein Pomeiske in Kreis Bütow in the German region known as Pomerania. His death is recorded as January 10, 1884 in Borntuchen, not far from Klein Pomeiske and the birthplace of Carl’s son Albert, my great grandfather.

For Carl’s wife, Caroline Charlotte Radde, has a second middle name, Wilhelmine, which had been lost. In fact, I hadn’t known any of her middle names until a cousin in Germany contacted me a few years ago. She was born on January 22, 1830 in Borntuchen and died there on July 27, 1879, according to Dale.

Also included in the trove of info is Caroline’s grandparents, Martin Radde and Anna Louise Kranz.

Anna was born circa 1758 and on August 31, 1853 in Borntuchen. Martin was born around 1759 and died on May 5, 1849 in Borntuchen, making him 90 years old.

Another interesting detail is the first middle name of my great grandfather’s brother August, which I only knew as L. It’s Ludwig. He shares it with his maternal grandmother, Ludwig Lentz. I had suspected this, but had no proof.

I’m hoping to make contact with many of these researchers to compare notes and expand my knowledge of the family and German history.


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