At the multiple choice section of my health


Is it —
a) lymphedema
b) inflammatory bowel disease
c) mesenteric panniculitis
d) lymphoma
e) a combination of some
f) all of the above
— that afflicts me?

So the doc looking over my recent CT scan wrote the following notes. His name is Caldwell and he wrote:

Mild mesenteric adenopathy with fat stranding throughout the fat. Appearance is nonspecific and the differential is somewhat broad. Differential diagnosis would include lymphedema, underlying occult small bowel inflammation (including inflammatory bowel disease), mesenteric panniculitis as well as lymphoma.

My primary doc explained to me that all of these are potential options explaining the abnormal imaging and that further analysis is required. The gastroenterology specialist is recommending another colonoscopy and something new for me, an upper endoscopy. Both will be scheduled the same day, so I only have to be put under once.

What fun!


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