How’s your German? Or Polish? Or Kashubian?


I am trying to figure out just what the heck this document is and translating the information therein, which I am assuming is German. But who knows! Is it Polish? Or Kashubian, a Slavic language spoken and written by few? Do you know? I’d love to hear from you.

A distant cousin who lives in Switzerland posted it to a forum on Yahoo! Groups related to genealogy in a region of Europe known as Pomerania.

It is apparently about my great-great grandmother, Caroline Radde. (The file is named Caroline.R.) But I am having a heck of a time deciphering it.

If you can help, please don’t hesitate contacting me by commenting on this post or writing to me directly via email, And thanks in advance for any assistance!


4 thoughts on “How’s your German? Or Polish? Or Kashubian?”

  1. Yes, it’s German. All official pomeranian documents since 1874 were German, and even before that time – in the mid-19th century when Caroline and her siblings lived – for example Kashubian was already very barely spoken by just a few habitants of the Bütow area. -Jannik

  2. Someone on the Pomeranian Griffin mailing list on Yahoo! Groups just wrote that this document has nothing to do with Caroline Radde. Can you help clarify? What are the names? What is this document?

  3. There is no RADDE mentioned at all, it’s Rutz or something and Warmbier (surname). Next to the Caroline R field is a “Friederike Charlotte”, you can clearly see “d” is written differently.

    1. Cousin Heinz in Switzerland just sent me this:

      Dear Aaron and all

      Of course, the facsimiles are in German, neither in Polish nor in Kashubian.
      It’s the Deutsche Kurrentschrift (not Sütterlin – that was introduced in the 20th century only).
      In this example, I can read and translate every word. Just ask me exactly what do you want.

      Heinz (Radde)

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