It’s so sad & pathetic that newrooms & reporters refuse to be original

Newsrooms nationwide
are regurgitating crap every day

But the meltdown regarding Trump is amusing

Newspaper conglomeration has been continuing apace for many years. And cutbacks at individual operations have put a damper on graphic design and solid reporting.

This has created an odd spiral downward, perhaps a death spiral for most, as most newsrooms become even more insular. Reporter bias is hurting the bottom line because their monopoly on the news has been busted up by talk radio, the demise of the Fairness Doctrine, and the Internet.

Many newspapers I read, such as The Seattle Times and The Oregonian, routinely reprint stories from The New York Times, The Washington Post and on and on. So only mistakes and biases infect the landscape nationally. It’s not just local to New York City or DC.

That’s why anyone who only gets his news from the mainstream media is often so anti-Trump. Because the coverage is anti-Trump.

It’s such a disservice to the people that I think Congress should have hearings on it. The media have an obligation to be fair and upright in reporting. And they aren’t. They aren’t living up to their obligations.


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