So who is Anne (or Ann)?


I am trying to sort out the various people with the surname Schanofski and its numerous variations — Szanowski, Scharnofski, Scharnowski, Czarnowski — who lived in the same vicinity as my ancestors.

Is the Anne mentioned in the birth record of my great-great grandmother, Marie Schanofski, the Anna who married Johann Scharnofski?

Anna, maiden name Lawrenz, and Johann lived in Krossnow, Kreis Bütow, Pomerania, just to the north of where Marie was born, in Damerkow, and where her husband Ludwig Lentz was born, in Borntuchen. Marie and Ludwig moved to Gröbenzien at some point, where their daughter Augusta, my great grandmother was born in 1859.

One of my goals is to sort these various people out. How does Simon Schanofski fit into the family tree? Or his son Michael? Let’s hope we can piece everything together.


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