Is the breakup of America as a nation inevitable? Colin Quinn of SNL fame thinks so.

Is divorce American-style a given? Is another Civil War on the horizon?

I think ultimately the premise of a country based on vigorous debate and disagreement is a [bad] idea. There is too much bad blood and partisanship in the country, and technology was the stake in our collective heart. Once social media happened, you could just see it divide. And it was over.”

There is at least one toxic person in every job, every school, every place, he says.

“There’s always one. Then I talk about how they set the tone. They set the tone nationally, politically, and everywhere, in every society. And then they lead to the downfall of that society. That’s where I’m trying to get to.”

So is this Trump, in Colin’s scenario? Because, while Trump is crude and unpolished, I don’t see it.


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