I immediately thought of my sister-in-law when I saw this from Arizona

She goes around to different venues with a typewriter and writes. She is known as the Rhetorical Red.


GRAND CANYON, Ariz. — There is a typewriter perched precariously on a small table on a plateau at a point overlooking the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. There is a chair for people to sit and ponder the moment with words. The typewriter was placed by a ranger to engage in a different way with visitors.

“Proportionally, a very small number of visitors are interested or have the time to attend ranger programs. These little pop-up projects are a way to engage with visitors out in these more remote areas and get them thinking about this place and what it all means.”

The typewriter sat there for three days. Nearly 80 messages were typed out. Some were long poems dedicated to the mighty Colorado River. Others were small dispatches, haikus, even a marriage proposal.

It’s novel, but it’s not the first project of its kind, and the ranger hasn’t ruled out placing the traveling typewriter elsewhere in the future.

“This is a place that’s just barely civilized, it’s not completely wilderness but it’s right there on the edge. For most people, it’s the closest they will ever get to true wilderness.”

The project has a site where people can read and explore what folks left behind. Likewise, my sister-in-law, the Rhetorical Red, has a site too.


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