Podcastapalooza, baby!

I subscribe to a few email newsletters put together by some of the fellas at National Review. This one, the following excerpt, is from Jack Fowler, who I don’t know much about.

But because I am about to begin a podcast of my own, I have been particularly interested in the medium. I am a podcast and talk radio junkie, everything from Rush Limbaugh to Kevin Pollak and his chat show.

From my inbox this morning:


1. Kevin explains why he has sayonara’d Twitter. Charlie responds with strangely pronounced words. It’s just another must-listen episode of Mad Dogs and EnglishmenCatch it here.

2. No, it’s not because of Barbra Streisand: On the new Jaywalking, Herr Nordlinger considers the theme of people who need “people.” All to the musical accompaniment of John Philip Sousa. Listen here.

3. Roll Call reporter Eric Garcia joins ‘Great Scot’ Bertram and Mutt’n Jeff Blehar on the new episode of Political Beats to discuss AC/DC. Put on your tiny shorts and listen here.

4. Hillsdale prof James Brandon joins John J. Miller to discuss Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull on the new episode of The Great Books. It’s harashoListen here.

5. Radio Free California hosts — California Policy Center kahuna Will Swaim and Crisis of Responsibility author David Bahnsen — gander at the Golden State legislature’s liberal supermajority wrestling over a single-payer healthcare system. Post-gandering, they bust the myth that government unions are good for poor people. And then the boys mouth off about the symbolism of the latest announcement from state pension regulators. Even if you live east of the Sierras, you’re gonna wanna listen, which you can do here.

6. In a quite serious new episode of The Liberty Files, David and Alexandra discuss the Florida school shooting, including the weight one should give to the political arguments of the survivors, whether conservatives can support gun-violence restraining orders, and why an assault-weapons ban remains a bad idea. Listen here.

7. The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg finds our intrepid host judging the perilous field of podcast rank punditry, and then opining at moderate length about this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, the Parkland shooting, and the Russia investigation. Insert the ear-buds and listen here.

8. This week, The Editors features Reihan, Rich, Michael BD, and David Bahnsen discussing the school-shooting fallout, Mueller’s Russia indictment, and CPAC. Listen up here.

So I’ve got some listenin’ to do. Lotsa content flowing forth from so many.


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