Wouldn’t surprise me if a few of my ancestors were deemed heretics & burned at the stake

Burning people at the stake was often a popular pastime for church leaders.

Today I learned that Dante, the writer, was condemned to death by Pope Boniface VIII. His most famous work is The Divine Comedy. Dante was strangely also a politician, which I didn’t know, and somehow became ensnared in political intrigue, so the pope and the powers behind the church decided to off him. He avoided death by living in exile, but he never saw his wife again, sadly. This all went down in the year 1302.

More than two hundred years later, burning people ISIS-style, was still popular. It is odd to think how barbaric humanity has been for so long. The Islamic State savages are only perpetuating a mindset that has plagued us since the dawn of man.

In 1528, a man named Balthasar Hubmaier, an Anabaptist leader, was burned at the stake in Vienna. He was the author of one of the earliest arguments for religious toleration, in addition to writings against Lutherans and Zwinglians. But he was deemed a heretic by a Roman Catholic court.

Thankfully, most of us moved on from this nonsense.


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