Seventy-six years later…

I can’t get enough of this story. The remains of a Navy veteran killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 are returned to his hometown of Lake Preston, South Dakota. I have written about it before in tweets and blog posts.

“It’s pretty powerful, and you know, for something like this to happen that we never thought would ever happen and to see this community come together the way that it does – is pretty incredible,” said Mike Rich, grandson to Porter Rich.

He and his brother, Kevin, did not grow up in South Dakota, and it was their first time to Lake Preston. They wish they had come to meet their family many years ago.

The cause for the family reunion was to welcome home their hero.

“Meeting the cousins and the aunts, it’s incredible. I never thought that this was going happen, and I never really thought we would meet them,” Kevin Rich said.

Ron Rich, Mike and Kevin’s father, never got to meet their dad. His mom was still pregnant with him on that fateful day.

“It’s very emotional for our father. And it gives him closure for something that he’s thought about for his whole life,” Mike Rich said.

“My grandmother talked about him a lot when I was a kid and she adored him and I’m sure if were still alive, he’d still be adored by many,” Mike Rich said.


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