Chappaquiddick is the least of my — and our — problems with Ted Kennedy

Petraeus And Crocker Testify Before Congress On State Of Iraq War

Ted Kennedy was “the last remaining spoiled son of a criminal, power-mad father unconcerned about his sons’ character development. Ted learned only that he and his family were above the law, that they were meant to wield power over the nation, and that that power would be attained by any means necessary.”

Kennedy and his allies enacted laws that are still reverberating through the country.

“Kennedy’s immigration policies forever altered the demographics of America and forced hundreds of thousands of working Americans out of the middle class. It was Kennedy who put an end to forty years of low immigration and put chain migration into effect.”

Much like when Kennedy was in the Senate, we cannot trust his heirs to do the right thing.

“His refugee programs gave birth to the resettlement industry. His 1986 amnesty, the Simpson-Mazzoli Act, was a betrayal of the promise he made to Ronald Reagan: that if Reagan supported this bill, illegal immigration would cease.”

Immigration is a mess largely because of Ted Kennedy and his cronies in government.

“It was Kennedy, too, who initiated the lottery system that doled out fifty thousand green cards a year to persons from countries that shared the fewest common values with the United States. In short, Donald Trump has inherited the catastrophic immigration mess begun by Kennedy and exacerbated by Clinton, Bush, and Obama.”


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