Some roads lead to Iberia, as in the Iberian Peninsula. Spain or Portugal? Or both?


“You most likely had a fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Iberian. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1790.”

From what I know, there are no ancestors on the family tree who were from Portugal or Spain. But maybe it is there. I will have to hunt through the tree and see. You can’t argue with the science. DNA does not lie.

“The genetic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula — represented today by the people of Spain and Portugal — was influenced by several Mediterranean civilizations, including 800 years of Arabic North African rule. Now, a small North African genetic signature is present in Iberian DNA, and over eight percent of Spanish words carry Arabic origins. Conquistadors from Portugal and Spain colonized parts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, and Iberian DNA is now relatively common in Latino peoples from Central and South America.”


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