Two weeks to deliver a tiny package?!

I am unsure why a package I ordered online, a set of Bluetooth headphones, is taking so long to be shipped. The carrier is FedEx, but final delivery will apparently be done by the postal service.

Right now the package is sitting in Kent, Washington. It has had a long, circuitous journey. It began the day in Troutdale, Oregon.

After placing my order on August 27th, I learned that the earbuds were in Texarkana, Arkansas. From there, they were shipped to Hutchins, Texas, finally making their way to Springfield, Colorado on September 1st. Next was Commerce City, Colorado and then North Salt Lake, Utah.

But why is this taking SO LONG? The original delivery date was September 6th. This has been revised to September 10th. Newegg, the site from which I ordered, promised delivery between five and seven days. Monday, September 10th, will be TWO WEEKS since I placed the order. Ugh.



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