Fireworks on Lake Union


I had a good time shooting the fireworks on Lake Union in Seattle.

I hate waiting around and I hate crowds, so I looked up what time the fun would start. One source had it at 10:15 pm.

I gave myself about 45 minutes to get down there, which included a walk to the bus stop. Thankfully, I hooked up with the right bus within a few minutes. I found a great spot at the last minute at South Lake Union Park, most of which was fenced off and tickets required, which I find annoying. It is a public park, yet people are trying to make money off of it.

There was a giant crowd on the MOHAI side. I kept walking and, fortunately, there was plenty of space and much less crowded near the Center for Wooden Boats, so I set up shop framed by some trees and patiently waited about 15 minutes for the pyrotechnics to begin.


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