Billy Crystal? On C-SPAN?

I remember my dad one day years ago telling me that he had just watched Billy Crystal give a fascinating talk on C-SPAN. I probably had a perplexed look on my face, and rightly so. Dad offered some more details which I forget.

But I soon came to understand that what Dad meant by “Billy Crystal” wasn’t my pop culture understanding of the man behind that name — the talented comedian and actor. At that time, I knew him best for a funny brief stint in terrific film The Princess Bride.

Dad, however, was talking about Bill — not Billy — as in Bill Kristol, the so-called conservative intellectual, before Donald Trump made him an insane shadow of himself, much like a story arc of a Batman villain.

It is an amusing anecdote which popped into my head. Who can explain that, the synapses firing away so randomly? So I am recording it for posterity. What I have learned through the years is to somehow capture the history of our lives, as much of it as possible, while we can.


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