Links upon links upon links upon links


One of my projects, a goal of sorts, is to link up every one of online accounts, every place where I have some sort of presence.

For example, on occasion I will forget a password and lose access to an account. This has happened to me with Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. So now, I have two accounts on these sites, which makes things even more confusing.

Awhile back I settled on a standardization practice: I would register the name AARONJHILL. I do this on every site if the username is available.

When I forget a password, then my backup username is PUSILLANIMOUSSCOLLYWOP.

So on Facebook I had an account, using AARONJHILL, but I was forced to change my password one day, which I could not remember at one point.

I cannot remember everything. I create a lot of content. That’s where Google comes in handy. I can search for whatever I may have forgotten or didn’t even know about.


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