My verdict on CBS All Access? Don’t bother. It’s not worth the money.


I have been watching the early years of Next Generation, bored by everything else on offer via the streaming service CBS All Access. Originally, I came on board TNG at the end of season three, with The Best of Both Worlds, Part I, watching it and Part II on videotape at a friend’s house sometime in 1990 or 1991.

I hadn’t seen much of the show before then. But these two cliffhanger episodes sucked me into the Star Trek universe. The earlier shows, of course, are rougher, not quite as polished as later ones, but are still often good.

I do remember being at our family’s athletic club and being mesmerized by an early episode beaming out from one of the locker room televisions. A fella came by, asking, “You mean Spock isn’t on Star Trek any more?” To which I replied succinctly, “Nope.” Yet other than that factoid, I didn’t know much about it.

Other options on CBS All Access, however, are sadly lacking. As an occasional fan of The Good Wife, I wanted to check out its spin-off The Good Fight. But alas, it too, much like Star Trek: Discovery, is so contrived that the storylines are silly.

So, goodbye streaming service from the lame people at CBS. $9.99 a month for commercial-free access? No thanks! My thirty-day free trial is coming to an end.

I should have known that the network responsible for the garbage that is Two and a Half Men and other such Chuck Lorre gems would not be able to resist infecting its streaming service with a bunch of crap as well.

I did binge watch all of Star Trek: Picard. Overall, I was not disappointed. But it too was infected at times with awful writing and excessive emoting from overcompensating actors.

The scenes with Data were terrific throughout. And it was nice to give him a proper and poignant send-off. I found that story arc fascinating and touching.

The season finale, however, was a completely unnecessary step too far. Spoiler alert! Picard dies, but his memories and persona are transferred into an android prototype?! WTF??!!!

We do not need another Data! There are so many “synthetics” — the 24th century new lingo for androids — in this incarnation that we do not need Picard to become one! It looks good on paper, and sounds ingenious, but it doesn’t work on screen. The writers are being too cute and clever. Let Picard be Picard! Fully human!

My advice if you are a fan of any CBS show, use or the CBS app to watch. Sign up for a free trial only if you want to binge watch a show such as Picard. And then be sure to cancel before being charged. Don’t encourage these fools and their crappy shows.


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