One of my favorites

One of my favorite Bible verses is from the Old Testament. I remember reading it on a plaque for a building extension at a church in Salem, Oregon. My father was a great admirer of the long-time pastor, Denny Davis. That extension, a kitchen and gymnasium, was named for him.

He later became president of Northwest College in Kirkland, Washington, which my dad strongly encouraged me to attend. I was so burned out by school that I stubbornly decided against it, only recognizing my mistake years later. I probably should have jumped on the opportunity. But mistakes are a part of life.

The verse is from Deuteronomy, specifically chapter 32, verse 7. Some translations are better than others. I read through many, taking what I liked to edit together a version of my own which was more poetic and rhythmic and readable.

Remember the days of old
Consider the generations long past
Ask your father
He will show you
Question the elders
They will tell you

They will teach you and explain
About many generations
Acknowledge your roots
Dwell on what has happened
Through those many years
So that you may pass understanding from generation to generation

Deuteronomy 32:7

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