From Lumhalghs to Lomas to Lummis to Loomis


Geographic distribution of the surname Lomas in Britain in 1881

I am a descendant of people named Loomis, so I decided to look up the name in The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland.

“This name is rare in Britain but is thriving in the USA.”

I learned that it evolved from the name Lomas. Lomas is an English surname originating from a place name in Lancashire in northwest England.

The dictionary describes it as a “locative name from a lost place called Lomax in Heap Bridge.” Heap Bridge is just to the north of Manchester.

Variants range from Lummis to Lummus to Loomis.

Early bearers of the name include:
William de Lumhalghs, 1324 in Lancs Court Rolls (Lancs); Richard de Lumhalghs, 1391 in Patent Rolls (Lancs); Elizabeth Lomas, 1539 in IGI (Farnworth near Prescot, Lancs); Alicia Lommas, 1562 in IGI (Chesterfield, Derbys); Rogr Lomax, 1583 in IGI (Kelsale, Suffolk); Alice Lomax, 1591 in IGI (Bury, Lancs); Richard Lumas, 1602, Richard Lumax, 1622, Geoffrey Lomax, 1642 in Preston Guild Rolls (Lancs); Sarah Lommax, 1609 in IGI (Bolton, Lancs); John Lummis, 1674 in Hearth Tax (Suffolk); David Lowmas, 1736 in IGI (Alderley, Cheshire); Catherine Loomis, 1771 in IGI (Lutterworth, Leics).


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