“Everyone is depressed.”


“People are throwing in the towel.”

When will people be able to return to their jobs and careers?

Many comedians are giving up.

“It’s a roller coaster every day waking up, thinking, ‘Today is going to be the day.’ But there’s a huge water ride of depression when you reach the bottom and the governor doesn’t make an announcement.”

The joke tellers are a microcosm of America, what everyday Americans are experiencing.

“I’m miserable. There’s nothing to do every day except play this stupid (expletive) game and get my ass beat by 6-year-olds online. I don’t have a purpose in my life right now.”

His tour has been cancelled. His bank account is overdrawn. His rent is past due four months.

“Why am I alive? What’s my point in being here? I’m not bringing anything to the world and nothing’s happening for me.”


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