Windows drives me nuts!

A kind gentleman donated a super-duper, screaming desktop computer to a non-profit recently. They had no need for it, so I was offered it, and I heartily accepted. It is a Sony Vaio that also happens to be high-definition television. An odd combination. Sony engineers love being too cute when designing their toys.

Unfortunately, the plug for power is oddly positioned and there is no battery. Why don’t most desktops have batteries? It really is a design flaw.

One day I accidentally unplugged it, sending Windows crashing, which always makes me nervous. Sony has some seriously crappy software installed. I had a Sony Vaio laptop years ago, so I know that Sony is terrible at software.

Windows 10 would not boot. The Sony recovery junk would try and clean up the mess, but would never make it. The software would give up. “Sorry, we can’t fix it.” Thankfully, doing a little research, I discovered a work around, pressing the right key on the keyboard did the trick. I had been using it with no problems. Windows 10 would boot no problem. Until today. Corrupted files in just about everything. Most software would give an error message.

So I have been working for hours and hours. The Sony recovery software somehow started automatically and after a long, long time, it finally restored Windows. But it is Windows 7! I went to and went through the process of downloading Windows 10. It went through everything, but didn’t work. The greedy bastards want more money.

I tried talking with someone. First, the system shuffled me to a bot assistant, which, predictably, was a waste of time. Finally, I had the option to chat with an actual human. But the wait was too long, so I opted out after awhile.

So fed up with Microsoft and Windows, I have tried installing open source operating systems on a partition. I opted for Ubuntu and Fedora. I have been in and out of BIOS trying to figure it out. Leave it to Sony. Even the basic BIOS software is crap!

Accidentally, I somehow managed to get the Ubuntu external bootable device menu to pop up. I hit install only to be told by Mr. BIOS that some of the files were corrupted. “No can do! ERR! ERR! ERR!”

Sadly and probably dangerously, I am stuck using a clunky and old Windows 7, which is fine, as long as no hackers find me. Once while working on a Mac laptop, someone hijacked the computer. I was sitting and working when suddenly a mass of code appeared and I no longer had control.

It, too, was an older computer using and older operating system and some jerk took advantage of that. That’s how these criminals work, kidnapping computers with crappy loopholes in security throughout to add to their botnet armies.


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