A look back at March 2015

I have been looking back at old blog posts. Here is one from March of 2015. I was writing about Dennis Miller’s radio show, which had come to an abrupt end. He had grown wary of the business and decided to pull the plug. I would listen to him more than Rush, and I loved and love Rush Limbaugh.

I have listened to Rush since 1990. I listened until his last show on February 2ⁿᵈ. I knew something was up, that he was deathly ill, because there had been guest host after guest host filling in for him. The only guest host I like is Mark Steyn. He has qualities similar to Rush, both witty and entertaining while informative and insightful.

Damn, I am gonna miss him. He was a crucial part of my awakening as an adult. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember debating many, many people. I was extremely vocal about my beliefs back then. Now, I am much more reserved and careful.


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