I’ve been wondering. I’ve been trying to learn more about the Jews in my ancestors’ neighborhood. ✡

I just learned that the town in Germany where my great-great grandparents married in 1880 did indeed have a synagogue, which was destroyed in 1938 during Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass, when the Nazis encouraged people to target the Jews after the assassination of the German ambassador in Paris. I am hoping to learn … Continue reading I’ve been wondering. I’ve been trying to learn more about the Jews in my ancestors’ neighborhood. ✡

Maria Emilie Auguste Scharnofske

I’m trying to find someone to translate this from German for me. I will be circulating a request on various forums. I did a search on Ancestry of my great-great grandmother’s name, Marie Scharnofske, and discovered a marriage record for another woman named Maria Emilie Auguste Scharnofske. She was born on 10 November 10th, 1886 and in 1917 … Continue reading Maria Emilie Auguste Scharnofske

April of 1873

So Great Grandma Fromke was baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran church in Bütow and confirmed there in April of 1873. Hmmm. I wonder what else I can glean from these assorted records. She was 14 years old at the time of her confirmation. Geo-politically, it was an interesting period. Bismarck, imperial chancellor, had apparently been … Continue reading April of 1873

The Pastor in Bütow

My mother’s family had been German Lutherans for more than a hundred years, probably much longer. Unfortunately I haven’t found many German records of my ancestors beyond the late 19th century. However, today I came across the name of one of the pastors in the major town in the area where my ancestors lived. The … Continue reading The Pastor in Bütow

The Station Master

Today a woman wrote about her great grandfather and his employer, the Royal Prussian Railway, on a genealogy mailing list. He was a station master in villages in the counties of Bütow and Stolp, where my ancestors lived. Has anyone heard of the Royal Prussian Railway during the years of 1860-1900? My great grandfather, Friedrich … Continue reading The Station Master

Remembering the Jews of Bytów

There aren’t any more of them living in the town. Any descendants are likely scattered around the world. Perhaps most are in Israel. Like Jews throughout Germany, those living in the town of Bütow were driven out by the Nazis. How many died, in the gas chambers and elsewhere, is unclear. In 2011, remnants of … Continue reading Remembering the Jews of Bytów

Stagecoaches in Pomerania in 1811

Heinz Radde, a man of German descent born in Pomerania who now lives in Switzerland, has just sent information on a map he recently discovered. The map is of the stagecoach (postkutschen) network in Pomerania in 1811, during the Napoleonic era. Heinz is likely a distant cousin of mine. We are both subscribers to a … Continue reading Stagecoaches in Pomerania in 1811

Ice Flows in the North Atlantic — in 1887

Years ago I somehow wound up on a site of maps and data about icebergs. Since then, I’ve repeatedly made a mental note to search for the site again, only to forget, until yesterday. I started poking around using Google, specifically the Image feature. That wasn’t working too well, so I tried a few other … Continue reading Ice Flows in the North Atlantic — in 1887