What Do Northern Ireland, Pennsylvania, Iowa & Australia Have in Common?

Some distant Boal cousins from Australia responded after finding some of my posts on John S. Boal. We then began communicating via email. They tracked down connections, which I had never successfully made before. The family came to Iowa from Pennsylvania. Some of them then left the United States for Australia. Prior to this they … Continue reading What Do Northern Ireland, Pennsylvania, Iowa & Australia Have in Common?

Thankfully, the Troubles are over, mostly.

A little boy walking to his friends encounters British soldiers around the corner in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1973 pic.twitter.com/Cc2pQQ7FsI — History In Pictures (@HistoryInPix) August 9, 2017 My interest stems partly from being a descendant of immigrants from Northern Ireland, Ulster Presbyterians. ajh

250 Years Ago Today — March 17, 1764

On St. Patrick’s Day in 1764, somewhere in Ireland, a little baby boy was born. He was christened James. Born to a man named Boal and a mother whose name is lost. It was a Saturday. An ocean away, in British North America, New York City had just begun the tradition of celebrating the day, … Continue reading 250 Years Ago Today — March 17, 1764

The Presbyterian Tradition

While at the central library the other day, I walked down an aisle and noticed some books on Scottish and Irish ancestry. One, the Handbook on Irish Genealogy, had some good notes on the Presbyterians. It was published by Heraldic Artists Ltd., Trinity Street, Dublin. My Boal ancestors and related lines were Presbyterians, in Northern Ireland and America. Because of … Continue reading The Presbyterian Tradition