Albert, Duke of Prussia

My great grandfather was named Albert, and I’ve been wondering where the name originated — within German society, culture, history. In looking through famous Germans with the name I came across a Duke of Prussia named Albert. The family was steeped in Lutheranism, so learning about Duke Albert has been eye-opening. He was the first ruler in Europe … Continue reading Albert, Duke of Prussia

Fromke, Framke, Froemke, Frumpke

Logging into one of many accounts to access free Civil War records, I noticed someone had sent me a message. It was regarding a family with my mother’s family name Fromke. They lived in Pottangow, Pomerania, while my ancestors lived to the south, about 50 kilometers away, in Borntuchen and Grobenzien.  (I can never remember my … Continue reading Fromke, Framke, Froemke, Frumpke