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This is my WordPress blog, Aaron Hill’s Notebook. It began as Aaron Hill’s Notes on History, but because of my varied interests I decided to rename it. Obviously, it is about history, mostly. Because of my personal background, I primarily focus on American (or United States) and European history.

I am a descendant of emigrants to the United States from a variety of places with diverse backgrounds: England, The Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, and Northern Ireland. And there are probably many more to be discovered.

A kind of personal motto for me regarding this project is
Deuteronomy 32:7. I consulted all sorts of translations online and combined what I thought was the best of them.

Remember the days of old
Consider generations long past
Ask your father
He will show you
Question the elders
They will tell you
They will teach and explain
the years of many generations
Ask so that you may know
Dwell on what has happened
through those many years
So that you may pass understanding
from generation to generation

— Deuteronomy 32:7*

*(Note: This is my own compilation from a variety of translations.)

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Glad this was helpful, Aaron. The chapter is taken verbatim from the book, Images of America: Kinsman. Dick Webb wrote the chapter intros, and unfortunately in order to follow the publishers’ standards we had to cut the text to fit one page. I have decided to print the chapter intros, one at a time, into this blog (which isn’t really abandoned; I just cleaned up election info from it – but there’s not a lot of news here!)
    So stay tuned.

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