Notebook is my primary blog, but I do have a few others out there, including Aaron Hill’s Genetic Genealogy on the web and Aaron Hill’s Mostly Politics, which have not been updated in ages.

Among the blogs I follow and read on a semi-regular basis are: FamilySearch, Dennis Miller, and Seattle PI.

Sadly, Mr. Miller has receded from public view, unless you watch Bill O’Reilly on Fox News or want to buy a ticket for one of his or their road shows. His site, including his blog, has gone dark.¹

Miller’s radio show was wonderful. I came to prefer it over Rush, which is quite a feat as I have been a Limbaugh fan since his early days. But Dennis Miller has his own perspective on things, and that was refreshing. It was nice to get away from the drudgery of politics and just have a good laugh. He was, to sum it up in one word, entertaining.

Greg Gutfeld and Red Eye help fill the gap. Gutfeld’s Saturday show is good. But that is only weekly. I need more snark in my life than that.

Instead, I have been relegated to making Gavin McInnes, that Jew-hating, fat Canadian import, make me laugh while informing me at the same time. He is around, on the Twitter and the YouTube, for example.

Stephen Crowder is another, to a lesser extent. He isn’t as witty and culturally hip. But he does provide a good perspective. Some of his on location stunts can be quite fun to watch.

Since I live in Seattle now, I am a bit Puget Sound centric, reading the papers and endeavors here, such as Crosscut. I was hoping this new journalistic effort would result in some serious reportage, and it does occasionally deliver. Unfortunately, however, the newsroom has a significant leftist bent, which often seeps into and contaminates the coverage.

And there are many, many other blogs of note, most of which I never read, but like to link to nonetheless. If I had all the time in the world, I’d be perusing these blogs. And since what I think really, really matters, I am imparting my knowledge and wisdom to the masses via links, lotsa links.



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