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Remembering another Fourth of July

JULY 4, 1754
Days after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, George Washington sent off a note to Colonel Adam Stephen — a man with whom he had fought at the miserable capitulation of Fort Necessity 22 years ago, on a very different Fourth of July — reminding him to never forget that day…


Ignore the CDC?

A professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine says that almost half the country has natural immunity from COVID-19.

“Please, ignore the CDC guidance. Live a normal life, unless you are unvaccinated and did not have the infection, in which case you need to be careful.”

Being dismissive of natural immunity is “one of the biggest failures of our current medical leadership.” He thinks the United States has already achieved herd immunity. However, “the most slow, reactionary, political CDC in American history” has been ignoring the facts.

This reinforces what I already knew and what I have already been doing. Screw Fauci and the CDC.