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A throwback, with delicious hate mail

After seeing a pic of Rachel Maddow from high school years back, I provided some brief commentary. A Maddow fan did not find it amusing.

“Maddow has more intelligence and class than you could ever fathom. Your immature, sophomoric comments tell us all we care to know about you.”


Words that are a foot-and-a-half long?

While reading a bit of commentary from north of the border, I came across a word, a big word unknown to me, sesquipedalian.

So I had to look it up, and Douglas Harper and his Online Etymology Dictionary don’t disappoint.

1610s, “person or thing a foot and a half long,” from Latin sesquipedalia “a foot-and-a-half long,” from sesqui- “half as much again” (see sesqui-) + stem of pes “foot” (from PIE root *ped- “foot”). As an adjective 1650s. Meaning “sesquipedalian word” (1830) is from Latin sesquipedalia verba “words a foot-and-a-half long,” in Horace’s “Ars Poetica” (97), nicely illustrating the thing he is criticizing.

Words that are a foot-and-a-half long? That certainly describes Conrad Black. But I do like him and his writing. His insights are a good perspective of whatever he’s commenting about.

Black’s trial and imprisonment is a case of the power of vindictive bureaucrats using the State to pursue their perverted senses of justice. Far too many people, from Martha Stewart to thousands of black men, have been wrongly caught up in the corrupt, highly profitable justice system.

There’s a lot of money in prisons. And we must demand reform! It’s time to reduce the prison population.


Not sure what this means, but I am loving it! This is leftist thought these days. In·co·her·ent.



steveoI wrote “Zionism forever!” after viewing his Twitter profile, just, of course, in the hopes of getting ol’ Steveo riled up. And boy did it.

Obviously I did it as a joke, but what it brought to the surface is a deep hatred. Of Trump, of me, of the Jews.

The man is clearly not the most intelligent, but I don’t want to denigrate him unnecessarily.

There’s a virulent strain of antisemitism on the Left that should concern everyone.

Concerning the Palestinians, I leave it up to them to find a way towards peace with the state of Israel and the Jewish people. It’s up to them, no one else. Only they, the Palestinian people, can accomplish peaceful co-existence. But I question if that’s what the majority really want.


Parliament of Whores is right. Sadly, oh-so-right.



“The average net worth of a Senator is more than $14 million, and the average net worth of a member of the House of Representatives is nearly $6 million.”

Though this information is a few years old, the numbers are likely to have gotten worse, such is the corruption and cronyism within our government.


The first lady of Canada gets it. We are in this together.

International Women’s Day 🍁

As we mark International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls & women with respect.”
— First Lady of Canada Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

She’s been the target of a lot of criticism for this, unfortunately. There’s no need for it. How is her comment even remotely controversial? It ain’t. But the outrage culture marches on. They are insatiable.


He’s funny, irreverent, insightful. Thank God for voices such as Lionel.

He calls himself a political atheist. And he has convinced me that everyone of us should be as well. I think he is an atheist in the literal sense, too. Not that it matters.

By trade, he is a lawyer. But don’t hold that against him.

Anyone interested in modern times, current events, the state of the media, politics, etc. should check out his YouTube channel.

He appears regularly on RT America. But, no, that doesn’t make him a Russian spy or someone being blackmailed by Putin himself.


Taking Advantage

Of a Homeless Woman

They claimed to care. They didn’t. They had an agenda — an unholy, abominable one. To legalize a lucrative, but lurid business — the abortionist trade.

“At that time, I was a street person. I lived, worked, and panhandled out on the streets. My totally powerless circumstance made it easy for them to use me. My presence was a necessary evil. My real interests were not their concern.” — Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court case in which a majority of the justices declared a right to kill the unborn.

Her real name? Norma McCorvey. And she spent years trying to undo what had been declared in her interest. She died on Saturday.

This quote makes me refocus on Margaret Sanger, the founding of Planned Parenthood, and the eugenics movement. It’s so creepy and stealthy, the effort to eliminate the poor by killing them off before they’re even born.

Their using her like this reminds of rape and rapists. It is no different.