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Albrecht Alt? Never heard of him. He was a German Lutheran scholar of the Old Testament.

Albrecht was born on September 20, 1883, so he was roughly the generation of my grandfather or great grandfather, whose name was also Albert.

As a German Lutheran scholar of the Old Testament, Albrecht authored a book, Biblia Hebraica, with a fella named R. Kittel which “became the standard critical text of the Old Testament for Bible students.”



I’ve been wondering about the name August, the Germanic form of Augustus. It is prominent among my maternal grandfather’s family.

Augustus II the Strong (German: August II. der Starke) | His great physical strength earned him the nicknames the Strong, the Saxon Hercules and Iron-Hand.

My great grandfather was Albert August Fromke. His younger brother was August L. Fromke. Albert’s wife was Augusta Wilhelmina Lentz.

I am hoping to learn about why this was such a strong tradition in Germany. There is many a German prince with the name and a few princesses too.

There’s Augustus the Strong, born in Dresden and elected King of Poland. There’s Augustus the Third, son of Augustus the Strong who also became King of Poland.

Then, there’s Augustus the Younger. He had the largest collection of books and manuscripts north of the Alps. There is Augustus d’Este, a grandson of King George III of Great Britain.

It all goes back to Augustus, Elector of Saxony. And, of course, before him, there was Rome. The first Roman emperor is known as Augustus.


Thank God for America & our freedoms. There’s no freedom of association in Germany. No BBQs for rebel, neo-Nazi scum.

No BBQs for you, neo-Nazi scum!

A few nuts wanna have a BBQ? Nope. Not gonna happen. About fifty hard-right crazies wanted to share bratwurst and beer while talking fashion tips, but the authorities grew suspicious and shut it down.

Jack-booted thug wannabes can’t assemble in Germany. Hitler’s beer hall get-togethers still hang over Deutschland like the smog in Los Angeles.

You’d think authorities would want these hangouts in public, where folks can keep an eye on ’em. I want any Nazi freaks well-known to the community. And having a picnic is better than having them march through the streets harassing people or rioting.

Maybe venting at a shindig will be cathartic and lessen any impulses to commit violence. If hard-right thugs are gonna plan something, they’ll find a way to do it.

Freedom is much too important to let a distinct minority of radicals disrupt it. Time for a reassessment, Germany.



This was on the front page of the Rheinische Post, a newspaper in Düsseldorf, Germany

I hate seeing beautiful buildings, often historic, being torn down, particularly churches. I just don’t understand how developers can do such things nor how communities just stand by and let it. It happened to the church my grandparents helped build and where my parents married. It’s disgraceful.


Maria Emilie Auguste Scharnofske


I’m trying to find someone to translate this from German for me. I will be circulating a request on various forums.

I did a search on Ancestry of my great-great grandmother’s name, Marie Scharnofske, and discovered a marriage record for another woman named Maria Emilie Auguste Scharnofske.

Morgenstern on the map.She was born on 10 November 10th, 1886 and in 1917 married a man named Friedrich Paul Eichelbaum during the fighting of the First World War.

What is of particular interest to me is the repeated mention of Morgenstern and what appears to be the word Bütow. Morgenstern, translated into English as Morning Star, is the name of a small village in Pomerania, in the county of Bütow, where my great grandparents attended church.

Charlottenburg, where they registered the marriage, is, according to Wikipedia, “an affluent locality of Berlin.”


Herman, Pauline & Family

Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke pose for a photo with their children.
Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke pose for a photo with their children.

It really is amazing what you can find online. My latest discovery is pics of family from my Mother’s side of the family, specifically my great-great aunt and uncle, Herman Lentz and Pauline Fromke. Someone added them to a family tree on Ancestry.

Herman Lentz as a younger man.
Herman Lentz as a younger man, possibly his engagement photo.

My Mom has talked in the past about being double cousins with a branch of the family in North Dakota. Pauline is the sister of my great grandfather, Albert Fromke, and Herman is the brother of my great grandmother, Augusta Lentz. The puzzle that is the family tree is coming together bit by bit. Albert and Pauline’s parents are Carl Fromke and Caroline Radde. Augusta and Herman’s parents are Ludwig Lentz and Marie Scharnofske.

What is particularly interesting to me is information on the family tree.

Herman was born in “Steitch, Germany.” I don’t know anything about this place. I don’t recall having seen it before. I’ll have to investigate the spelling and see if I can find a copy of the original source.

In 1880, at the age of 16, he is recorded as living in Wausau, Wisconsin, though I am not sure about the accuracy of this because he supposedly emigrated in 1883 or 1893. I’m guessing 1883 is the right year.

They were married in 1889, in Baltimore, Maryland, according to the source on Ancestry. Why Baltimore? There were some folks named Fromke living there going back to the 1840s.

These latest discoveries should provide excellent opportunities for further documenting the family tree.


Mora, Minnesota


I forgot to mention that the photocopy of a photograph of my great-great uncle that someone found on Ancestry is dated 1905. The place is Mora, Kanabec County, Minnesota. He is listed on the 1905 census of Minnesota as a resident. Ironically, it’s not far from Duluth, which I visited with my nephews and niece and their mother in 2013, after a trip to South Dakota for a family reunion.¹

According to the 1900 and 1920 censuses, he arrived in America in 1869, first settling in Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin. I wonder what encouraged him to come. And why Wisconsin?


  1. Why she wanted to visit Duluth I still don’t understand, but we went. It was a crazy drive. She likes to multitask and drive fast, making for a nervous uncle.

Everhard Ludwig Fromke

Anyone know anything about Everhard Ludwig Fromke? I sure didn’t until discovering his name a few days ago in the Castle Garden database. Given he shares my mother’s surname, I am interested to learn what I can. He arrived via the ship Sophia at Castle Garden in New York City on August 19, 1845. According to the ship manifest he was born around 1819 and hailed from Lingen in the province of Hanover, Germany. He was a bookbinder who planned on settling in St. Louis.