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Poles & Germans, Germans & Poles

My great grandparents lived in area within the German Empire where Poles made up 20 to 39 percent of the population, according to a researcher who posted this map on Reddit.

After the Second World War and Germany’s defeat, an amazing swath of land was lost. The surviving Germans were expelled, forced to leave homes & belongings behind. 

Today, there are few Germans there. Stalin offered it as compensation for taking Polish lands bordering Russia and absorbing these into the Soviet Union.


John Stockton, Man on the Street

“Stockton to Malone!”

John Stockton took great pride in his ability to wander around Barcelona without being recognized. Accompanied by his wife, Nada, and children, and armed with a video camera, he occasionally would stop tourists for a Jay Leno man-in-the-street moment.

I’m gonna look for these videos. YouTube? Does Stockton have a YouTube channel?


Forgot about the cocky pros being bested by a group of eager collegians.

Oh, how mad Coach Daly was. He was pissed. It’s not good to upset your coach, though he and his Detroit Pistons returned the favor during the playoffs.

The scrimmage in La Jolla – The Dreamers arrived in a great mood but not the best of shape. They were stunned in the opening day scrimmage against a group of college stars that included Bobby Hurley, Chris Webber and Grant Hill.


“Though they carried with them the baggage of a past they could not shed…”

“Though they carried with them the baggage of a past they could not shed, a past that bound all the exploring millions of immigrants together, they hoped America would be different, and yearned that it prove so.”

I’ve deleted one word from this quotation by the intrepid journalist Teddy White in his autobiography In Search of History: A Personal Adventure.

The word in question? Jewish. There’s simply no need to limit this sentiment to one group, though as it applies to Mr. White and all Jews I don’t want to diminish. The quote applies to all, every immigrant to America, regardless of background, irrespective of religion.



The original is “…all the exploring millions of Jewish immigrants together…”

Hot, hot, hot! Or as my niece says, “Too spicy.” It burns. 🔥

That’s how she refers to toothpaste that is too powerful. I’ve been reminded of this because I have been occasionally using a brand that has shocking oomph to it. It burns my mouth, much like a mouthwash. After brushing my tongue I have to douse my mouth with water, which I usually don’t do after brushing. I just spit. I don’t rinse. I don’t know why I started doing this, but now it’s a habit, a ritual, a routine.