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Lincoln towers over Fidel, 1959


I have tweaked this image a bit, manipulating the contrast, so it will print better on a black-and-white laser printer. I love high contrast imagery. I may use this for a piece of art at some point. The photograph, by photographer Alberto Korda, is titled David and Goliath.


Making 360° photo spheres


A fella in Arizona is making 360° views of intriguing archaeological and historical sites. He snaps 41 photographs of the site from different angles from the same spot. Uploading these to Google’s Street View smartphone app, the photos are stitched together to create a photo sphere.

I may start experimenting with this myself. In one of my photography classes in college we did some stitching together using computers to create panoramic shots out of multiple photographs. I’ve been reading tutorials and watching videos on how to do it.