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Subcortical vascular dementia? Is Hillary Clinton afflicted by it?

Subcortical vascular dementia, also called Binswanger’s disease, is caused by widespread, microscopic areas of damage to the brain resulting from the thickening and narrowing (atherosclerosis) of arteries that supply blood to the subcortical areas of the brain.

And according to some, Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with it.

Of course, I have no way of verifying this. But since the mainstream media have not been reporting on her health, particularly during and after episodes in the 2016 presidential campaign, I want to stay on top of potentially important news neglected by these so-called objective reporters.


Conservatism is a balance between individual freedom & the social order, says Barry AuH20.

Barry’s Conscience

“the art
of achieving the maximum amount of
freedom for individuals
that is consistent with the maintenance of
the social order.”

That’s what Barry Goldwater said in his book The Conscience of a Conservative. Today, I happened upon a copy of it, which was first published in 1960.

As is typical of modern liberalism, this edition wouldn’t be complete without an afterword by a leftist. In this case, it is RFK Jr. who is awarded the job of praising Goldwater while also smearing the modern conservative movement. It is standard practice, the standard talking points that conservatives today are so mean-spirited and whatnot.

It is unfortunate that America did not have the opportunity to witness Goldwater and JFK engage in a series of Lincoln-Douglas style debates during the 1964 presidential campaign. Instead, we were stuck with LBJ and his campaign’s character assassination of Goldwater as a dangerous crazy man who threatened to unleash a nuclear war, likely leading to World War III.


Yeah, when you can’t even get details on key figures right, then it’s hard to take you seriously.

Senator Paul Ryan?

I received this message in my inbox a few minutes ago. I immediately noticed a big mistake.


Friend —

This ticks me off. Opponents of Obamacare in Congress are reaching new levels of disgrace — all to save face after realizing that repeal isn’t so popular, after all.

On Tuesday, Senator Paul Ryan said this:

“We’re not hatching some bill in a back room and plopping it on the American people’s front door.” –House Speaker Paul Ryan on NBC’s “Today” show

Now, on the face of it, what’s the big deal? So what if Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and not a senator?

But such errors portend on bigger, more crucial matters. Such mistakes warn me of a great many things, including:

  1. a lack of professionalism.
  2. not taking the time to look for errors.
  3. a seriously partisan lack of collegiality.
  4. how dangerous and excessively political leftist activists have become.

How about we do some proofreading next time?

Makes ya wonder, mistakes or not, what is in the Obamacare bill, the Affordable Care Act. Of course, I, like so many of us, including many of our politician friends, have not taken the time to read the damn thing. It is thousands of pages! And a bore, no doubt.

Nancy Pelosi infamously said that the legislation need to pass before anyone outside the bureaucracy could know what was in it. Sadly, she’s probably still clueless on it, like everything else. Someone should ask her if she’s ever read it. Reporters, if they actually did their jobs properly, would have already done it.