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Indian Lake, Ohio


The Hill family has lived in this area of western Ohio around Indian Lake since the early 19th century, 1810 to be precise. Cousins still live there.

So learning that HGTV will be focusing on the lake is good news for me because I am always striving to know more about the place.

It’s considered a summer playground and only 75 miles northwest of the metropolis of Columbus.

Indian Lake has islands? Yes — 44 of them.

“There’s a whole string of islands in the middle of the lake.”

I once found a T-shirt for Russells Point, a small town on the lake’s south shore, in a thrift store in Kirkland, Washington.

Gonna have to make my way there one of these days.


My thinking on Congress & career politicians hasn’t changed much in 17 years.

You shouldn’t have to spend 20 years in political office before you get elected to Congress. It’s supposed to be a citizen legislature, not a professional government. It’s time to reevaluate the entire system.”

That’s what I told a reporter from a newspaper in Albany. It was the year 2000, and I had decided to throw my hat into the ring in a campaign for a seat in Congress, representating the residents of the 5th Congressional District in northwest Oregon.

During the primary campaign I made the rounds of the media. When a wealthy businessman joined at the last minute, I came under intense pressure to drop out. That was the day I realized how corrupt and cronyistic the party system is.

It took a few more years before I left the Republican Party. But, as is clear with the Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, Republicans often campaign as limited government conservatives and then govern as big government liberals.

Sadly, the fight isn’t over. It has barely even started. We still need, desperately so, to gut Congress and the bureaucracy. Thankfully, with the election of Trump, we have a good shot at retaking our government.


Ah, Reading About The Weather

I don’t read weather blogs much, but today one caught my fancy. He nabbed me with his opening lines.

komo_iconNot sure who put up the force field but weather systems sure are having a difficult time getting into Western Washington this month.

Two weather systems that looked fairly decent in earlier forecasts for this past weekend instead managed a paltry 0.16″ — combined. Usually in October, we call that lunch.