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Adaline Fromke

Yesterday I read about a woman I’d never heard of before.1

Adaline Fromke was born on March 30, 1839 in Prussia. Could she be my great grandfather’s aunt? Adaline is of the same generation as my great grandfather’s parents, Carl Fromke and Caroline Radde. Is she Carl Fromke’s sister?2

She married a man named Lietzke. They came from Germany in 1881, first living in New York and then Nebraska. He died in 1911.

The information is from the History of Richardson County, Nebraska by Lewis C. Edwards.

William L. Lietzke, one of the well-known farmers of Arago precinct, this county, is a native of Germany, but has been a resident of this country since he was thirteen years of age and of Richardson county since he was seventeen, having come here with his parents in 1885, the family settling in the precinct of Arago, where he ever since has made his home. He was born in Prussia on October 25, 1868, son of Henry and Adaline (Fromke) Lietzke, also natives of Prussia, the former born on February 28, 1841, and the latter, March 30, 1839, who came to this country with their family in 1881 and settled in New York state, where they remained until 1885, in which year they came to Nebraska and settled in Arago precinct, this county. Henry Lietzke, bought a farm upon his arrival here and spent the rest of his active life farming. He died in 1911 and his widow is still living, now a resident of the village of Barada, where she is making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Heine. To Henry Lietzke and wife were born seven children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the fourth in order of birth, the others being as follow: Albert, who is still a resident of his native land; Charles, who is living at Syracuse, Xew York; Otto, of Shubert, this county; Mrs. Emma Portner, of Jefiferson precinct, this county; Mrs. Henrietta Heine, of Barada, and Mrs. Ahine ??ink, deceased.

As noted above, William L. Lietzke was thirteen years of age when he came to this country from Prussia with his parents and was seventeen when he came with them from New York state tn Richardson county. He completed his schooling in the schools of this county and remained at home, a —- help in the labors of the home farm, until his marriage in the summer of 1890, when he rented a farm in Arago precinct and began farming on his own account. In 1911 he bought his present farm of one hundred and twenty acres in section — that precinct and has since made his home there, he and his family being very comfortably situated. Since taking possession of that farm Mr. Lietzke has made numerous substantial improvements on the same and has a very well-kept farm plant and is doing well.

On July 30, 1890, William L. Lietzke was united in marriage to Bertha Fricke, who was born in this county on December 27, 1871, daughter of August and Dora (McKoel) Fricke, natives of Germany and pioneers of Richardson county and the latter of whom is still living, now a resident of Falls City, and to this union have been born six children, August, Walter, Bertha, Anna, Clarence and Dora, all of whom are at home. The Lietzkes are members of the Lutheran church and take a proper part in local church —- as well as in the general social activities of their home neighborhood.


1. This was from my search using Mocavo, which I wrote about yesterday.
2. The spelling of Carl in German is Karl, although my grandmother had it written as Carl.


Fellow Students?

I rarely see the Grand Island Business College mentioned anywhere. I don’t think it exists any more. My great uncle Herman Fromke was a student there.

Nebraska native Edith Erickson was too. She graduated from high school in 1939 and then attended the business college. She passed away on Tuesday at the age of 90.