from The Seattle Times to Der Spiegel. Thanks to the Newseum¹ and the Internet, reading newspapers from just about anywhere is much easier than years past, like the time Senator Wyden asked if I knew where to nab a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle on a weekend in sleepy downtown Salem, Oregon.

I thought for a minute, remembering Bulldog News from my time in Seattle. One can seemingly get any paper there. There is nothing like it in Salem, however. Maybe Portland, but not Salem. I then told the senator that he was sadly out of luck. (I worked the front desk at the shabby, rundown Ramada on weekends. This was right before it was reduced to rubble, making way for a new hotel and a conference center.)

These days, of course, a newspaper is usually just a click away.

1. Although the Newseum is now defunct, its parent organization, the Freedom Forum, thankfully has continued the project offering daily updates of front pages from around the world.


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