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Conservatism is a balance between individual freedom & the social order, says Barry AuH20.

Barry’s Conscience

“the art
of achieving the maximum amount of
freedom for individuals
that is consistent with the maintenance of
the social order.”

That’s what Barry Goldwater said in his book The Conscience of a Conservative. Today, I happened upon a copy of it, which was first published in 1960.

As is typical of modern liberalism, this edition wouldn’t be complete without an afterword by a leftist. In this case, it is RFK Jr. who is awarded the job of praising Goldwater while also smearing the modern conservative movement. It is standard practice, the standard talking points that conservatives today are so mean-spirited and whatnot.

It is unfortunate that America did not have the opportunity to witness Goldwater and JFK engage in a series of Lincoln-Douglas style debates during the 1964 presidential campaign. Instead, we were stuck with LBJ and his campaign’s character assassination of Goldwater as a dangerous crazy man who threatened to unleash a nuclear war, likely leading to World War III.