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Clinton advisers tell National Journal’s Ron Fournier that it doesn’t matter if people don’t trust Hillary

“They’re only worried about
winning this news cycle
& winning on election day”

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe the crew talks with Ron Fournier about Hillary Clinton’s pathological lying.

WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC : Do you think part of it, Ron, is she has assessed in this race that she’s up against someone that she can safely hold the ball and not go into detail and not talk about what exactly she did because she’s getting away with it against Donald Trump?

RON FOURNIER, NATIONAL JOURNAL: I literally have had senior officials . . . saying that trust doesn’t matter, that Bill Clinton won even though he was trusted less than the two people he ran against. What they don’t realize is that the world has changed.

Now we understand that trust does matter. She could still win, even by continuing this parsing and this lying, but then she’s going to be leading a country where two-thirds of the people don’t trust her. And you can’t transform our politics, or do half the things she wants to do if people don’t trust her.

They’re only worried about winning this news cycle and winning on election day. They are not thinking about what she is doing to undermine, not only her credibility, but the credibility of the whole political system and the Democratic Party.


“Ronald Reagan is dangerous & Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.” — the Harvard Crimson, 1980

Discovered this gem in a 1980 issue of The Harvard Crimson.

“Ronald Reagan is dangerous, John B. Anderson is out of it, and Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.”

Let’s update it for 2016. Note the revisionist history. Reagan is now nearly venerated, because the media know that turning on him now will produce an intense backlash from the public.

“Donald ain’t Ronald. Not even close. Reagan was great. Trump is terrible, and what’s worse is he’s dangerous. Bernie is out of it, and Barack Obama has been terrific. Hillary Clinton will continue that terrificness. And she’s the only rational one out there.”

Carter seemed to admit his failures and shortcomings. The modern Democrat Party doesn’t do that. Instead, everything is awesome.

Let’s hope the electorate can cut through the noise, the intense, never-ending bias of the media, like in 1980.


The doughnut incident?

CA_TSBrowsing through today’s front pages brought me to this headline about a doughnut incident revealed in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails.

I had to learn more. Then, I read that this is referencing a bizarre episode where a celebrity I know nothing about, singer Ariana Grande, walks into a shop, licks a donut, and declares her hatred of America.

Of course, she’s a Democrat and wants to help in whatever ways she can. She wants to perform at the White House. But Obama’s handlers, quite wisely, politely decline her offer.

Now, so my research for this yawn of a story won’t be a complete waste, I am wondering about spelling and words. Most folks I know spell it donut, not doughnut as printed in the paper. So what should it be? Doughnut or donut? And why?


Penn Jillette talks Donald Trump. Having Scrooge McDuck in the White House sounds like good fiscal sense.

I’ve been watching a few clips archived on YouTube where magician Penn Jillette talks about getting to know Donald Trump.

In one from 2013, he describes Trump as Scrooge McDuck, which given our nation’s looming fiscal crisis of soaring national deficits and debt doesn’t sound bad at all. In fact, it is precisely what we need. A hawk to watch over our money and protect it from the greedy and the power hungry.


Hillary is patronizing? No way. Remember that “hot sauce in the purse” bit?

Hot Sauce Hillary

“Khalif said some of Clinton’s rhetoric on the campaign trail has been patronizing, noting her comments to a black radio show host in April in which she said she always keeps hot sauce in her purse.”

I am still looking for a T-shirt with some Hot Sauce Hillary imagery.

What’s funny and sad is that she may very well be telling the truth, but because she lies so much and is so inauthentic many don’t believe her when she is honest and straightforward.


Trump is less dangerous than Hillary Clinton, says Bernie Sanders voter.

Out marching with sign in hand, a Bernie Sanders supporter tells a fella from MSNBC something that I believe wholeheartedly, that a Donald Trump White House will be much less dangerous than a President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I prefer Donald Trump” to Hillary Clinton. “Trump is less dangerous.”

Wow. Hillary’s entire career trajectory is just an amazing story. She is so unpopular that it is mind-boggling.