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Sure is nice to a foreign character actor win an Oscar from time to time. I was just thinking earlier today how there should be more foreigners on American TV and in American films.

I would have loved to see more Brits and Frenchmen and Germans beside Captain Picard on The Next Generation. American television, particularly the scripted shows, needs to expand beyond the norm.


Boycotting The Oscars

Amry Oscar
An Oscar statuette earned by Frank Capra’s 1942 documentary Prelude to War, the first film in the Why We Fight series.


I’ve been boycotting the Oscars for years. I haven’t watched an Academy Awards ceremony since the 1990s, I think. The Oscars became a bore a long, long time ago.

Sure, I’ve seen clips and segments, but I haven’t sat down to watch it.

I hadn’t planned on seeing it this year either, and now I have another good reason for skipping it: Joe Biden.

The vice president has been added as a presenter, for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, other than the old sycophantic Hollywood types wanting to brush up with political fame and power, and vice versa.

Get ready for another snoozefest.

I catch up with whatever I deem worthy of my time on YouTube, after the fact. Mostly, however, I watch old Oscar ceremonies, many from before I was born. I like to see what was happening at the time, from the likes of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson.